Britain’s very first Gardens & Historic Homes WeChat Account has been launched!

Destination UK Ltd, the publishing house for ‘Discover Britains Gardens, Historic Homes and Castles’ magazine has been working with DongXi Marketing to make their delightful content accessible in Chinese through the popular WeChat platform.
Followers of the ‘VisitUKGardens’ Official Service account will receive regular updates and exclusive content about UK Gardens and Historic Homes to help plan their UK trip. In addition Destination UK Ltd will use the account to promote their Chinese mobile app of the same name.
Over 40 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit the UK this year and with museum and gardens being high on the list of popular activities we anticipate the WeChat account will be very popular.
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​Contact Destination UK if you’d like more information about your House or Garden being featured on the app.



《英国花园、古宅及城堡观光指南》杂志的出版商Destination UK Ltd与DongXi Marketing携手合作,将其丰富多彩的内容通过广受欢迎的微信平台推向全世界。


VisitUKGardens公共号的粉丝们将定期收到英国著名花园、古宅的最新特别文章和精彩图片,帮助计划游英伦的朋友们规划行程。Destination UK Ltd还将用此公共号推广其中文版手机应用VisitUKGardens英伦嘉园游。






Scanning QR Codes

Scan, scan, scan – the use of QR codes in China…

I always tell clients to put their WeChat QR codes on EVERYTHING… Often I’m met with a blank look and I guess in the West we just don’t really use QR codes. In China however, QR codes are used for EVERYTHING and they are EVERYWHERE! The use of QR codes has become an integral part of life in China. QR codes bridge the gap between online and offline and are used on everything from T-shirts to Billboards, at POS in stores and online.

Shopping Centre QR Code

WeChat’s inbuilt QR scanner make QR codes very accessible for Chinese users.


Scan any QR code from your WeChat account

With almost 900 million people using WeChat it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly using QR codes to attract and engage Chinese customers. Consumers in China interact with QR codes 10-15 times per day to connect people, payments and content..


Contact us for more information and support using QR codes for your marketing activity.


Featured Image: Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

BREAKING NEWS: Tencent Enters the UK

It’s never been more important to create stand-out with your WeChat presence… As Tencent enters the UK it ‘may’ become much easier for UK brands and businesses to create WeChat accounts. This is potentially great news for many UK companies who have come up against barriers in the past.
With the WeChat landscape about to be flooded with UK brands, it’s time to get ahead of the game and make your WeChat account different to all the others. Create a WeChat Mini-Site, ensuring that your official account is fully branded and provides a focal point for your followers. A Mini-Site allows all your content to be housed in a fully branded, aesthetically pleasing bi-lingual template.
We are experts at creating WeChat Mini-Sites, contact DongXi Marketing for a bespoke proposal and honest, expert advice.

WeChat becomes ‘ultimate tool’ for Australian Real Estate Agents

WeChat has become an important tool for Aussie Real Estate Agents. Agents in Australia are listing properties on WeChat before more traditional platforms in a bid to target Chinese buyers. Some are suggesting a reach of over 5000 property views on top of local advertising.

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How long before the UK market follows suit? Watch this space…