Scanning QR Codes

Scan, scan, scan – the use of QR codes in China…

I always tell clients to put their WeChat QR codes on EVERYTHING… Often I’m met with a blank look and I guess in the West we just don’t really use QR codes. In China however, QR codes are used for EVERYTHING and they are EVERYWHERE! The use of QR codes has become an integral part of life in China. QR codes bridge the gap between online and offline and are used on everything from T-shirts to Billboards, at POS in stores and online.

Shopping Centre QR Code

WeChat’s inbuilt QR scanner make QR codes very accessible for Chinese users.


Scan any QR code from your WeChat account

With almost 900 million people using WeChat it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly using QR codes to attract and engage Chinese customers. Consumers in China interact with QR codes 10-15 times per day to connect people, payments and content..


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